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Welcome to Berton College

Welcome to the official website of Berton College. Berton College is named in memory of Pierre Berton (1920 - 2004), a distinguished Canadian writer, journalist, TV personality and scholar. Berton College has been established to advocate Mr. Berton’s legacy of the power of learning, contribution and critical thinking. Registered by the government of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver as a private academic tutoring center. Berton College is located at the heart of West Broadway, Vancouver’s commercial corridor with easy transit access. Berton College focuses on education in IELTS, TOEFL, SSAT, SAT, immigration and citizenship language tests, academic subjects at a variety of levels, and provides business training, technology exchanges, summer/winter camps, study tours, other extra-curricula activities, consultation and services related to studying abroad and immigration. Berton College provides excellence in teaching. Members of the staff have all graduated from North American universities. The President of the college has a doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia; our advisers are distinguished Canadian professors; its instructors have master’s degrees. With good teaching qualifications, rich experience and great care, our passionate instructors teach students and trainees with a variety of curricula in personalized styles, which guarantee students and trainees to make significant progress in a short period.

Feature Courses

Summer Camp


Every year between July and August, Berton College organizes the Canadian Leadership & English Summer Camp on the campus of the University of British Columbia. As a leading English language school in Vancouver, Berton College strives to help students aspire for excellence and achieve lifelong success.



Berton College offers one of the most successful IELTS programs in Vancouver, and has resulted in numerous Band of 6.5, 7, 7.5 and occasionally higher, which means success in university acceptance for those students

President's Message

Dear students and parents,


I would like to welcome both the new and returning members of our community for another year. As we live, study, and work together, we are transforming wishes and dreams into decisions and plans. Certainly, throughout our classes, tutorials, and consultations, Berton College helps each student succeed in both academics and extra-curriculum.


Also, as we prepare ourselves, we may think about the life of Pierre Berton, the famous Canadian writer whose name is on our school. His work and humanity have had a lasting influence on Canada; in the same way, your lives may help or inspire the next generation of students. Therefore, as our staff work for each student’s individual success, we always remember the larger goal expressed by Canada’s motto: “We desire a better country.”


Here, at Berton College, all of our staff work as a team to meet all of the students’ needs, whether through academic support, personal counselling, or reliable academic advice. As I end this letter, I am as determined as ever to provide the strongest possible support to everyone of you in the coming year.




Dr. Edward Zhang

Berton College’s Mission

Better Education for a better life

With better teaching, better facilities and a better learning environment, the College is dedicated to meeting the needs for English learning and other educational activities, and developing outstanding students and trainees with a global perspective.


Berton College’s Motto

To inspire and to call forth to challenge

incitare atque provocare

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