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The SSAT is the Secondary School Admissions Test. Students who want to enrol in a number of private schools may have to take the Upper Level SSAT (for students who are in grades 8 to 11) or the Lower Level SSAT (for students who are in grades 5 to 7).

Berton College’s preparation courses are the best option for anyone who wants the best possible score in the SSAT. We offer specialized courses for the test’s English and Math components. We have long experience in placing students into the schools that they wish to attend. 

The Berton College SSAT program offers

  • a skills assessment and an approximation of the SSAT score, 

  • counselling as to which schools to apply, and 

  • customized lessons in either or both Math or English sections, depending on the student’s needs. 

We teach techniques to get the best score in a specific type of question, such as the analogies questions or essay-writing, and background knowledge that can raise scores, such as vocabulary and grammar.

Vancouver-area schools that require the SSAT for some or all of their students include St. George’s school for boys and Crofton House and York House schools for girls, as well as Mulgrave, Collingwood, and Southridge co-educational schools. Many American private schools also require or accept the SSAT.

The Upper Level and Lower Level tests both contain the same sections

  • Math I

  • Verbal

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Math II

  • Essay (not marked)

The essay will be sent to the schools to which the students are applying. The number of questions in each section and the time to complete each section are in the table below.

Vancouver area schools that require the SSAT include:

  • St. George

  • Crofton House

  • York House

  • Mulgrave

  • Collingwood

  • Southridge

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