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Our Academics Programs

Berton College is a leading English language training and after-school tutoring center in Vancouver, Canada. Our academic programs cover ESL, ELL. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, LPI, AP, immigration language, provincial exams, school subject tutorials, etc. Inside excellent facilities supported by up-to-date technology, our qualified teachers dedicate to helping students achieve lasting success and strive to create a positive, caring learning community. All of our teachers work hard to help students experience effective, fun, and personally meaningful education, to help each student develop a lifelong love of learning as they prepare to become successful citizens in a diverse global society.

Over the past decades, Berton College has helped thousands of students meet their English language study goals in Canada by providing intensive ESL training programs of the highest caliber. These programs are offered for students who wish to attend a college or university in Canada, need Business English to advance in a career, or simply want to improve their English. In these programs, students can improve their English skills from the perspectives of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Berton College is an excellent training center to learn not only English language, not also school subjects, such as mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, social studies, etc.  Our teachers, who earn at least a bachelor degree from prestigious universities in Canada and USA and have accumulated rich teaching experiences, can provide personalized tutorials that students usually don’t have in their regular day schools and lead students to higher academic performance in school subjects.

The SAT courses offered by Berton College will help you prepare and make through the new SAT test! Our SAT teacher has over 20 years of SAT teaching experience, and has published many SAT textbooks and practice exams to help students improve their scores.

Berton College offers the IELTS programs with the most professional teachers and newest teaching facilities. Our experienced teachers will help students increase their IELTS grades from the perspectives of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Students will improve their listening and writing skills by practicing tons of intensive and extensive listening and writing drills. Students will also have the great opportunity to learn IELTS academic vocabularies, test taking strategies, and receive simulated tests during the class.

Anyone who wants the best possible score in the SSAT cannot do better than to take Berton College’s preparation courses for both the English and the Math components. We have long experience in placing students into the schools that they wish to attend. We teach techniques to get the best score in a specific type of question, such as the analogies questions or essay-writing, and background background knowledge that can raise scores, such as vocabulary and grammar.

The Language Proficiency Index (LPI) is an English language test of reading and writing. The test was originally developed at The University of British Columbia and is administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of The University of British Columbia. In Berton College, the teacher who teaches LPI courses is the official author of LPI textbook. The course content aims to overcome students’ weaknesses on English grammar effectively. With the excellent teachers and guaranteed small-group class arrangements, Berton College will help you succeed in LPI test!

Good English language skills will help you achieve your academic goals, work in your profession, take care of daily activities, and find success in integrating into Canadian society. Berton College offers English speaking courses to help students improve their English speaking skills and learn how to use English comfortably. All of our teachers are native English speakers and have proficiency in teaching. They will help you improve your English skills by bringing up real-life-scenario simulated conversations; enriching students’ knowledge of Canadian culture and history; and combining multimedia technology with their teaching content.

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