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Headteacher's Welcome

Dr. Edward Zhang, President

Edward Zhang was trained first as an anthropologist and later as a sociologist. He obtained his B.A. from Sun Yat-sen University, his M.A. at Hong Kong Baptist University, and Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He has conducted Post-doctoral research in UBC and the University of Manitoba. In his more than two decades’ academic career, Dr. Zhang has involved in research and teaching in language training, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, ethnography and statistics, and published a variety of papers. Having studied in China, Hong Kong, and Canada with a cross-cultural perspective, he is familiar with both the Chinese and Western education systems and understands the educational needs and expectations of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. He has helped many parents and their children make educational choices and career plans. As the founder of Berton College, he also teaches IELTS, ELS, SSAT and TOEFL with his insights and experiences from a lengthy experience with English-language teaching. His innovative teaching, care for student needs, humour, and open communication with students have led them to achieve their goals in a short time. He has both inspired students and is popular with them. Dr. Zhang is regarded by his students as not only an educator and a teacher, but also as a good friend. Under his leadership, Berton College provides a better education to more people for a better life.

Meet Our Teachers

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Gareth Jones


Gareth Jones was born in England, raised in the Yukon, and worked in British Columbia. He finished his BA in UBC and is a certified teacher.  He was the founder of the Open Mind Academy and the Principal of Jones House School. He has been tutoring and teaching in high schools for over twenty years. He makes the subjects of English, Social Studies, LPI, IELTS, and SAT both understandable and interesting. He is eager to help students acquire not only facts but depth, breadth, and context, not only marks and test scores but curiosity and love of learning. He uses a combination of teaching experience and personal enthusiasm to inspire lifelong learning. He has helped many students enter top universities including Princeton, Waterloo, New York University, and University College London. He is also the author of two books, The Complete LPI Guide and Workbook and The Complete Poetry Guide and Workbook. 

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Faye Findlay


A native Canadian, Faye has taught for nearly 20 years. She holds a Bachelor degree and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Faye brings a wealth of experience to her teaching as she has travelled the world for more than 30 years. She has lived in London, England and in Seoul, South Korea where she also taught at Korea University for 10 years. Her teaching areas include creating writing, business English, adult continuing education, curriculum management, public speaking, and fun English for kids. She establishes a comfortable, engaging, fun atmosphere in her classroom to encourage growth and learning in her young students.

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Halmat Palani


Halmat Palani is an ESL teacher who has been teaching at Berton College since September 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political science from Simon Fraser University and a Standard Level Two Interim Professional Certificate from TESL Canada. His volunteer experiences ignited his passion for teaching and helped him decide to obtain his teaching certificate and start his carrier as a teacher. He finds teaching to be a tremendous opportunity for growth both professionally and personally. He currently teaches ESL 2, ESL 3 and a conversational speaking class at Berton College.

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Natalie Hyde


I have BA in history and a BEd from Simon Fraser University. I am a high school English and social studies teacher, having both taught in public and private schools. I also have extensively worked one-on-one with students, allowing me to create lessons that tailor to the individual needs of the student. I believe in giving students more ownership of their learning by incorporating student-centred activities into my lessons.

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Christy Di

Marketing Director

Christy is marketing director at Berton College. She graduated from University of Victoria with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. Christy brings proficiency, care, and insight into her work with all students. To support students who are attending to Berton College in achieving their academic goals, Christy is personally committed to keep track of students’ academic progress and report to parents on a regular basis. Through her efforts and responsibilities, she earned the trust students and parents place in her.

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Clara Shih

Student Counselor

A student counselor in Berton College now, Clara completed her Bachelor of Science degree at UBC majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Economics. While studying at UBC, she devoted her time, not only to achieving high academic performance, but also to tutoring high school students in math and chemistry for almost four years. Through her experience of teaching, she has come to be able to adapt her teaching style to a wide variety of students with different needs, especially for students who had been struggling with math or science for a long time.  Her experience studying in Canada has given her the opportunity to develop familiarity with the BC curriculum and has enabled her to develop a strong appreciation of course objectives and of what it takes to be successful on exams in Canadian high schools and universities, which has provided her with the foundation of experience necessary to give solid academic advice to students and parents. In addition, she used to be a Resource Center volunteer for the medical research organization, International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD), over the past two years, where she did public advocacy for and gave assistance to this center dedicated to interdisciplinary research center focused on spinal cord injury.

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Jim Wang


Jim Wang earned a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Alberta with a specialization in mathematics - computational science. Early in university, he started tutoring mathematics to high school and college students. His passion for teaching encourages him to explore various  ways to make mathematics fun and clear to students by describing different topics in more detail and revealing relevant facts and ideas. He focuses on improving academic standard of every student. Jim believes that a flexible and yet challenging classroom atmosphere encourages students to explore and study, and therefore he builds different teaching styles according to their unique learning styles and abilities. Beyond what was taught at school, he also takes time to discuss where to put topics covered in textbook to use in real life or in future academic education. His extensive tutoring experiences both in school and after graduation enable him to effectively address his knowledge to students‘ needs.

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Robin Zong


Robin Zong obtained his bachelor degree from Shanghai JiaoTong University and pursued his master degree from Trinity Western University, both with outstanding graduate. He has strong ability of mathematical logic reasoning. Good at inspire and guide students to master the effective mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. Robin also have a unique method of summarize, draw inferences about other cases from one instance and teach in simple terms. The teaching is lively, interesting and easily to understand. His one-one and group class cover all grades with “Singapore Math”, “SSAT Math Middle and Upper Level”, “SAT Math”, BC high school curriculum of “Foundation of Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus”, and Mathematics contest of Waterloo “Gauss”, “Pascal” series.


Stone Luo

Stone Luo is currently pursuing a Mathematics and Business Administration double degree at University of Waterloo. He helped  the college develop a relational database used for connecting teachers and students, as well as scheduling classes. His work include Utilizing Decoy Effect in Online Application Purchases Marketplace.

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